Chicken Double Oven Glove


Protect your hands from hot pans with this lovely pair of heat resistant Chicken Double Oven Gloves.

Quirky Speckled Maran hens sit on the sage grey Double Oven Glove with some white eggs dotted in between. A practical gift for getting those piping hot casseroles out of the oven and great for a keen cook.   They’d be perfect in any country kitchen and are bound to appeal to hen keepers.

The Double Oven Glove is 18cm x 84cm and is 100% cotton.  The reverse of the Glove and inside each hand pocket there is a special heat resistant fabric.  There is also a handy sage grey ‘loop’ in the middle of the glove so you can hang it up in your kitchen.

Look out for the matching tea towel and apron.

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